18. velj 2014.

Miniature animals


A while back I got a custom order and I had to sculpt a miniature dog, Jack Russell to be exact. I've had some photos as a reference, and here is a result:

I've also made this super mini bird called Blue tit. This little birdie will soon become one earring and for the other I plan to make a miniature nest. I'm sure it'll be fun to sculpt it :)

And for the last photo today a penguin earrings I've made as a custom order. 

Miniature polymer clay food as rings


I'm sharing with you some of this rings I've made out of polymer clay of course ;)
I've sculpted them as a custom order.

11. velj 2014.

Miniature camera

Hi everyone!

I made miniature Canon and Fujifilm cameras. They have allready found their new home :)
I am happy with how they turned out, what do you think, are they realistic enough?
Canon EOS 5D

Canon EOS 5D 

Canon EOS 700D