21. lip 2011.

Giveaway results

My first giveaway is finished! Thank you all for participating!

Books have been always a big part of my life, I read at least one book a week, so you could call
me a book lover, that is the reason I have choose books as the prize for my first giveaway :)
I know you already saw them but I couldn't resist to have them as prize!

The lucky WINNER is: Carmen !!

Carmen, congratulations and please contact me by the end of the week to collect your prize! I hope
you like it!

Btw I'll be having a little auction on my blog, as you all know I'm still a very busy student on two colleges, Landscape architecture and Engineering Geology, and I need money for my scholarship so I've decided to
start selling my handmade miniatures! I hope that there will be someone interested in buying them, I also draw alot, so if you want a drawing in real scale or in mini scale, made by me you can contact me! Here is my gallery with some of my drawings : gallery

I leave you with one of my favourite drawings which I made:

                                                                    xoxo Anarniel

20. lip 2011.

Strawberry, orange and chees cakes

My first attempt at making miniature food, and in this case it was cheescakes with my favourite fruits: strawberry and orange. Obviously I have to improve my skills, but I am content with the first try.
These were made out of cold porcelain.

And I think you can already guess which are my fav colors (grayish blue and pink are working very nice together in my opinion)!
Have a nice day and don't forget about my giveaway which ends today at midnight!

xoxo Anarniel

5. lip 2011.

Little fireplace

Hi everyone! I'm very happy to have so many new followers!
Thank you all for participating in my first giveaway.

I'm leaving you with a look at my new shabby chic items:

Everything is handmade by me. And there are two new spring editions of my Little cottage magazine.
I hope you'll like it!

The picture in a frame is a drawing that I did some time ago, and the boy is Arian my original character. Before I've applied to Landscape architecture and Engineering Geology I wanted to study art, so I have many drawings... I still draw in my free time and I've decided to make some of my drawings in miniature pictures.

Please feel free to give me your opinion and advices because I really want to improve in mini making!