29. pro 2012.

More miniature jewelry

Hi everyone!
My miniature jewelry collection is getting bigger every day! I have so many new ideas about rings and mini food earings! Here are two rings handmade by me :)

Ukoliko je netko zainteresiran, prsteni su dostupni u shopu na facebook stranici: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Anarniels-little-world/175812039135451

11. stu 2012.

Miniature jewelry / Mini nakit

I've been so busy with my two collages that I've almost gave up on my blog and everything related to minatures, but I'm back now and I'd like to present you my new miniature jewelry! So many people asked if they can buy it, so I've opened my shop :)

Bok svima!
Živa sam :) nakon napornog ljeta provedenog uz knjigu i s dvije diplome u rukama :) (od sada sam dvostruki inženjer) napokon imam vremena za minijature i mini nakit. Za one koje zanima, nakit mogu kupiti na facebook stranici http://hr-hr.facebook.com/pages/Anarniels-little-world/175812039135451

So here are some of many handmade rings:

13. svi 2012.

Yesterday I attended tutorial/class on cdhm and the instructor was http://oiseaudenim.blogspot.com/
We sculpted "Les Tartelettes of fruits and chocolate". It was so fun! My tartelettes didn't turn out as I wanted, but I'm happy that I participated. Did anyone participate too? Let me know how yours turn out!

12. tra 2012.

Ring and earrings

My brand new handmade nutella ring and whipped cream earrings! Hope you like it! I've made the ring for my friend who is obsessed with nutella :)
Btw I'm learning how to weave a mini round basket, so wish me luck!

5. ožu 2012.

Shabby white

                                                            New project in progress :)

19. velj 2012.

Bakery progress

Filling the shelves :)

12. velj 2012.

Romantic ring

Romantic ring with mini letter and rose envelope, mini candle, croissant and heart-shaped cookie and little bottle of perfume. Hope you like it!

9. velj 2012.

My little candle

First attempt at making miniature pink candle! 

20. sij 2012.

Mini pancakes

Hello again! Pancakes are my favourite meal! I just need to fill the cup with some milk and chocolate sprinkles! And also I need to mention that I will turn this board into a ring!

19. sij 2012.


Hi! I just wanted to show you something I've made for my little bakery. A basket filled with fresh baked  bread, baguettes, croissants... Hope you like it, and there is more to come, so stay tuned!