18. velj 2014.

Miniature animals


A while back I got a custom order and I had to sculpt a miniature dog, Jack Russell to be exact. I've had some photos as a reference, and here is a result:

I've also made this super mini bird called Blue tit. This little birdie will soon become one earring and for the other I plan to make a miniature nest. I'm sure it'll be fun to sculpt it :)

And for the last photo today a penguin earrings I've made as a custom order. 

4 komentara:

  1. Wow, amazing animals! The jack Russell is so cute and the Blue Tit is brilliant!What are the dog's whiskers made from?
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Hi, thank you! For the whiskers I've used bristles from a paint brush :) I've cut them and poked holes with them before baking the dog, them I've removed them and after baking glued them in

  2. Your sweet puppy is so adorable! I love him!